This is Patrick Hurley.

He is a pretty awesome guy. He likes Sci-Fi, doggies, kitties, the writings of Joe R. Lansdale, comic books, video games, and delicious foods; specifically, the culinary artistry created by his multitalented wife, whom he loves very much:

She is Dawn Taylor. She is a film critic, writer, a chef, the host of Ham-Fisted Radio, and co-host of The Rick Emerson Show. She is an equally awesome woman. Maybe they’re not rich, but they have each other, their happiness, and their health.

Enter Patrick’s Evil Kidney

This guy has pretty much ruined everything. Inspired by a crappy Gall Bladder that caused so much trouble it was removed in late 2010, Patrick’s Evil Kidney decided to wreak some real havoc.¬† In late 2011, Patrick had 90-percent kidney failure. It cost him his job, leaving him requiring dialysis for the rest of his life, unless he gets a kidney transplant. On top of that, in December 2011, Patrick suffered a torn aorta, and underwent emergency surgery to have it repaired. He can no longer work.

Unfortunately, there’s not much money to be found in the semi-professional podcasting game, and years of professional film writing has not left Dawn swimming in dough. They are facing a future that necessitates a radical re-think of their lives; Dawn has no health insurance, Patrick has minimal insurance, and government disability aid will not begin until March of 2012. “Secure” is not the right word to use when discussing their financial situation.

This is the button we want you to push.

That button leads to the paypal page for Scott & Erin Davis (Patrick’s Sister) who are managing the fundraising. We’re not asking for a new kidney (although if you got one, that’d be cool. I don’t think you can transfer a kidney through paypal, though.) We’re asking you to help give them a modest financial cushion that will allow them to adjust to their new reality. Just a couple extra bucks would do. If you got an extra 10? Maybe send it along. Only got a fiver? A five will do. You feel like kicking down 20 or 30? We’ll take it. Whatever you can spare, whatever can help provide these two some time to adjust to the reality that is the rest of their lives together.

So please give; not just because it’d be a cool thing to do for an awesome person like Patrick, and not just because that evil kidney should pay for all the misery its dealt – but because of this:

This is a picture of two people who love each other beyond words. I can count on maybe one hand the number of couples who can make even the most hardened skeptic believe¬† this world can make sense. Patrick Hurley and Dawn Taylor are one of those couples. This is a chance to make sure that something this right goes on for as long as it can. To quote William Goldman, “This is true love – you think this happens every day?”

Please help ensure they get as many days as possible.